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VIDEO: Evolving gods, men and animals

Growth means that the power and potential that are innate in our consciousness, are brought from within outwards. In other words: evolution.

Does the process of evolution ever stop?


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VIDEO: Plato: founder of a Mystery School

Nowadays we are still struggling with the questions posed by Plato. However, his answers remained hidden to a large extent.

From 1875 much more of this knowledge is made publicly. It enables us to examine Plato’s message again, learn to understand it and its significance for our time….


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Video: Great Sages on great ideas

In this talk we explore the inner and practical significance of the great ideas of spiritual teachers as Gautama the Buddha, Lao-tse, Nāgārjuna from India, Jesus and Tsongkhapa of Tibet. All these Great Sages taught humanity the Theosophia, Universal Wisdom, be it always dressed in a form that suited the culture and time in which they lived.


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VIDEO: Do groups, nations and cultures reincarnate?

Does each of us have close relations with the whole of humanity? And ... what is a ‘nation’ or ‘culture’? What characterizes a group: its habits and material resources, or inner (Universal) resources?


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