Our task

Our task for the future is to keep the Theosophical Society as it was given to us: a broad platform on which all Theosophical opinions or colors of opinion may have a chance to be freely expressed.

This does not mean strange religions, crank philosophies, erratic ideas about food, or about politics. These don't belong on a Theosophical platform. Our Theosophical platform is merely for the purpose of teaching Theosophy; and it has no other reason for existence. Our task for the future is to teach men the grand old truths of the Wisdom-Religion of the gods. That is all; and it is enough and more than enough. In order to do this it is perfectly proper and appropriate that illustrative material be drawn from the great religions and philosophies and sciences of the past, because Theosophy is the root of all these.

Our task for the future is to lay the foundation upon which will be builded the spiritual and intellectual inspiration and salvation of the future men and the future women; that is our task.