Life Wisdom

To students who have completed the course Thinking Differently, we offer the follow-up course Life Wisdom. This second course enables them – applying their new method of thinking – to build a new vision of life.

Once again, the emphasis will be on the student’s self-motivation. There will be no requirement to accept any prescribed dogmas or to learn them by heart, but students will be encouraged to test the ideas that develop during the course in their daily lives.

This way they can build a life vision which can develop in parallel with the rapid changes occuring within society. In short, students discover a new foundation for life based on unchanging truths.

This course will discuss in 12 lessons the following topics:

  1. Life and death
  2. Cause and effect
  3. The hierarchical structure of the cosmos
  4. Heredity and self-becoming
  5. The purpose of life and self-guided evolution
  6. The two life paths
  7. The knowledge of the Inner Self

Cursus Anders Denken