Video: Great Sages on great ideas

In this talk we explore the inner and practical significance of the great ideas of spiritual teachers as Gautama the Buddha, Lao-tse, Nāgārjuna from India, Jesus and Tsongkhapa of Tibet. All these Great Sages taught humanity the Theosophia, Universal Wisdom, be it always dressed in a form that suited the culture and time in which they lived. Our current major religious and philosophical systems all have their origin in the Theosophia. The source of wisdom is as old as we could possibly imagine.
Periodically the great Sages made attempts to bring parts of it to their fellow man, since they have a great need for answers to their life questions, their questions about God and gods, virtue, the meaning of life and compassion. This talk is of great importance for current issues. Think for example of the direct consequences of these great ideas on the application of human rights.

Great Sages on great ideas

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