Visit the Blavatsky House during the ‘Wereldreis door eigen stad’

On Sunday March 24 the doors of the Blavatsky House are wide open for the participants of the ‘Wereldreis door eigen stad’ (trip around the world in your own city) in The Hague. This yearly event is part of the United Nations Initiative, The International Day against Race Discrimination on 21 March.
Wereldreis door eigen stad is for all people that live in and outside The Hague. They can visit the many cultural, religious and peace organizations based in the city. This is a day that enables you to get to know more about other people’s ideologies.
That is why The Theosophical Society is one of the ‘world spots’ for the third time in a row. This day offers an excellent opportunity to come and visit us with friends or family, listen to a presentation or have a good conversation with one of our volunteers.

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Posted by blavatskyhouse on 15/02/13 at 10:06 AM in Events
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