The seven Jewels of Wisdom - Lucifer, the Light-bringer - No. 2 - 2013

Lucifer Vol. 2 2013

The seven Jewels of Wisdom – solutions to questions of life

Three and seven: one system

In this second issue of Lucifer – the Light-bringer we briefly present the seven Jewels of Wisdom. You can find traces of these teachings in the books of the world religions and great philosophical systems, as is shown in the last article of this issue. All theosophical teachings can be traced back to these seven Jewels.

Theosophy stretches over all fields of human thought. However, it is based on only three fundamental propositions, given by H.P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine. (See the first article.) These propositions can be elaborated in seven principal ideas, called the seven Jewels of Wisdom.

Theosophy is a universal source of knowledge and wisdom. All great spiritual Teachers drew and still draw from it. Therefore you can find Theosophy in all the great religions and philosophies of the world. It is not dogmatic. It rises high above limited ideas. It is not a faith that one should believe. You should examine it yourself. The seven Jewels of Wisdom therefore are no dogmas but principal ideas you can recognize in nature and in your own life.

You can find these Jewels all through theosophical literature, in which they are explained at length. But you will rarely find them systematically ordered. Nevertheless, these seven Jewels do form one whole; one Jewel explains and complements the others. It is only by combining them that you can fully understand them. The profundity of a Jewel increases enormously if you take the other ones into consideration. For instance, reincarnation and karma cannot be understood separately. Furthermore, you understand them much better if you also study the other Jewels, which are far less publicly known. In this issue of Lucifer, we give principal explanations of all seven Jewels, and their mutual relations.

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