The meaning of life and more in Lucifer the Light-bringer No.2 2018

Lucifer No. 2 2018

If we would measure the success of Lucifer, the Light-bringer by its worldwide dissemination, then we certainly cannot be dissatisfied. Our magazine is now being read in no less than 43 countries.

We view this development as a very positive signal. Nonetheless, the number of subscribers per se does not determine the degree of success. This is determined by the extent to which we succeed in presenting the theosophical principles and teachings, but also and foremost by clarifying the practical applicability of those teachings. This is a learning process for the editors, in which we should never be satisfied. Just like our readers we have to study in order to be able to clarify Theosophia. We know that we can only offer the ideas; everyone has to think about it for themselves. But it is our duty to present those ideas as clear as possible.

We hope that in this issue we have at least offered food for thought.

In four articles an attempt is made to answer in simple words the question that every human being asks himself sometimes: what is wisdom of life and how can it be obtained? To find the answer, you first need to know what life is. This is explained very clearly in the article: “What is life?” The next article is a reflection on wisdom in practice. Subsequently, we will reflect on how the learning process proceeds. This process never stops, because we are Boundless.
These four articles are the result of the annual symposium of the Theosophical Society Point Loma in September 2017, in The Hague.

Furthermore, this issue deals with the contemporary topic of artificial intelligence and smart computers.

Finally, from a theosophical perspective a vision is given about freedom of expression.

As always, we have included a few questions and answers, this time about gods, elementals and initiation.

If you have any questions about the articles or about Theosophy in general, or if you have any comments, you may always email or write the editors. Your correspondence will always be answered.

The editors

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