The Mathematics of Religion and much more in Lucifer No.3 2017

Lucifer No. 3 2017

We think we have been able to compose a highly varied Lucifer, with both scientific, philosophical and religious subjects.

The article The Mathematics of Religion discusses the deepest essence of religion, but it also outlines how the most noble aspect of human consciousness can degenerate. Living in a world where religion often does much more harm than good, it is extremely useful to consider the content well.

The degeneration process of religion often starts, because people believe that logical thinking and philosophy contradicts religion. In the article Does thinking exclude spirituality? an attempt is made to explain that spirituality and thinking are not in conflict with each other: something many people - including theosophists – often assume.

In two articles we try to shine a light on meditation. What kind of meditation leads to expansion of consciousness and what kind does not? In this issue we publish part 1, in one of our next Lucifers part 2.

We often get questions about the subjects illness and healing. We therefore think that many readers will appreciate the article The scientific approach of classical homeopathy. This article not only deals with homeopathy but also tries to answer the question what disease actually is.

Finally, we answered a number of interesting questions, asked by a reader, about human and animal consciousness. We hope that this Lucifer may clarify some aspects of Theosophy, so that we are all able to better express The-osophy in our daily lives. As always, we are open to your comments, feedback and questions.

The editors of Lucifer, the Light-bringer
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