Practical Spirituality - Lucifer, the Light-bringer - No. 1 - 2014

Lucifer No. 1 2014

Practical spirituality beyond matter, in society

We are glad to present the third issue of Lucifer – the Light-bringer. In contrast to the former issues, this one has a central theme: ‘Practical spirituality beyond matter, in society’.
It is meant to present clear and inspiring theosophical answers to the growing confusion around ‘spirituality’ in the world.

The articles in this issue are closely linked to each other, forming one unity. Step by step, the important questions are addressed. These articles are the transcripts of the lectures held at the 2013 Symposium of The Theosophical Society Point Loma-Blavatskyhuis in The Hague.

What is practical spirituality?

Spirituality is ‘hot’. There are many courses and books available. But how do you find your way through all of this information? Is this something you are able to do yourself or should you rely on others?

Above all there is the question why you should live spiritually. Is spirituality too ‘woolly’ and of no practical use or is living spiritually the answer to all of life’s problems?

There is more than just the spiritual and the material World. Spirit is sometimes depicted as the wind, invisible for our eyes. But not everything that we cannot see, hear or touch is spiritual. Where does the material end and where does the spiritual start? How do we make the distinction between unpractical woollyness and clear practical spirituality? There is a clear standard that can be used to discriminate between true and false spirituality.

We present the digital version of Lucifer for free. We will publish this magazine a couple of times per year. Are you interested to receive following issues of Lucifer, please subscribe for free by sending an e-mail to lucifer.red[at]isis-foundation.org*.
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