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The Point Loma Theosophical community (1897-1942) remains a symbolic source of spiritual-intellectual energies. It is both at once an historic time and place (1) and more significantly an internal way of enlightened living and source of spiritual teachings. With these two aspects of ‘Point Loma’ in mind, a new center has been started by ISIS Foundation (part of the TS Point Loma-The Hague) 20 minutes north of Amsterdam, just behind the dunes of the beautiful North Sea coast. In this center “the Lume-house” (2) Point Loma Publications has loaned for study and preservation books, archive and more than 50 original paintings from artists that lived at Point Loma. This material has already been transported to the Netherlands and during the next months will be prepared for public access and exhibition, with availability beginning summer 2008.

Through the current crisis of fire (on Oct 21, 2007, a large wild fire in San Diego county consumed the book, significant library and archival inventory where Point Loma Publications had its book storage - see PLP website at www.wisdomtraditions.com) and destruction has come opportunities for greater cooperation and expansion of Theosophical effort. Our wish is to be able to share and make available these wonderful source teachings to a wider global audience. To this end, we are establishing this historic collection at the Lume-house for a five year project of making available for study and public display, as well as conserving and digitally preserving this unique heritage. Your continuing support in this effort is appreciated. Additionally the library loss from the fire is being re-created as far as possible. A listing of book titles being sought will be posted on our website as well (see PLP website for details). On our (PLP) website we will be listing ways ‘Friends of Point Loma Theosophical Heritage’ can assist in the growth and development of this library and educational center. Specific book titles, art work by PL artists, letters to and from PL Theosophists are being requested to be either donated or copied to enhance the ‘Point Loma’ heritage whenever possible. A quarterly e-magazine will begin next Spring-Summer 2008 listing art, books and archive available in the collection etc.

It is our hope and intention that this cooperative venture may open doors for further unified activity between Theosophical groups to collaborate and create a complete digital archive of Theosophical literature. The need to have complete archiving of our literature in multiple locations globally has become a necessity in our dynamic times. Your support and cooperation toward achieving this goal to benefit the Theosophical Movement is appreciated.

Herman C. Vermeulen
ISIS Foundation
De Ruijterstraat 74
2518 AV The Hague
The Netherlands

Ken Small
Point Loma Publications, Inc.
Wisdom Traditions Institute
4060 Adams Ave.
San Diego, Ca. 92116

(1) see Greenwalt’s history California Utopia - 1897-1942 available from Point Loma Publications

(2) The reason we call the house “lumehouse” is that it was inherited from a woman whose name was “Lume”, so the name of the house will be Lume-house. Lume comes from the Latin with the meaning of light stream: in physics it is the IS unit (lumen) for light stream emitted from a source. We see here the function of the spiritual source which streams into the outer world.

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