Our spiritual history and future - Sunday March 11

Sunday March 11, 14:00 (doors open at 13:30) - Blavatsky House, De Ruijterstraat 74, The Hague

International public lectures

Who does not want to know what our origin is, where we come from, and what lies ahead?

There are many theories about the history of man, both scientific and theological. But do they reason from the perspective of the Reincarnating Ego? And that is precisely where the key to understanding lies. For example, human culture is much older than today’s scientists estimate: the first civilized cultures were there millions of years ago. We humans - even though our present state is still very imperfect - have already gone through many stages of growth and experience. It is very useful to know more about it.

And then about our future: what kind of possibilities are dormant in our consciousness? What kind of civilization will we build in the future? Are we going to create designer babies? Will future generations become half man-half robot?

This lecture is about the fundamental question, what ‘evolution’ actually is. What is driving it, is that competition or cooperation? Are we evolving ‘each man for himself’, or is the evolution of all beings, from gods to minerals, totally interdependent?

The more we understand from our path of evolution, from the unfolding of the higher possibilities that we carry within us, the better we can interpret and direct our lives now - including the rapid developments in technology.

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