Lecture February 14th 2016 - Reincarnation and Karma

THE HAGUE, Blavatskyhouse, De Ruyterstraat 74

International public lectures

On February 14th, the second lecture of our series of five English lectures will start at 14:00 in the Blavatsky House in The Hague.

Why is there so much inequality in this world? And can we find a sustainable solution for the suffering caused by this? The doctrines of Reincarnation and Karma throw a new light on this problem. These two universal Jewels of Wisdom provide us insight in the real causes behind the disharmony in this world and consequently, a vision to solve the problem of poverty ánd of wealth.

In the series of five lectures you are given an insight into the key thoughts of Theosophia or Universal Wisdom. We invite everyone to test the logic and inspirational value of the Theosophia by himself, and especially its practical value in daily life.

The video recording of the lecture will be published online one week later on this site under videos

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