Karma and the rise and fall of civilizations - Sunday December 10

Sunday December 10, 14:00 (doors open at 13:30) - Blavatsky House, De Ruijterstraat 74, The Hague

International public lectures

A key aspect of a civilization is the presence of a mindset directed to spiritual and intellectual values. That means for instance that the general interest prevails over the personal interest. And that no one is excluded from society.

According to the theosophical teachings inspiring and wise people appear cyclically and give spiritual and intellectual impulses. Such an impulse is the reason for the rise of a civilization.

In every step of development there is the choice: does the general interest prevail or does the personal interest? If the last prevails then the fall of a society sets in..

According to Theosophy human beings reincarnate cyclically and in groups. At this moment an indication for the cycle of reincarnation for the average man, and thus for a group of people and for civilizations is about 1500-2000 years. In this talk we will reflect therefore on the characteristices of civilizations from the past, like those of the Greek and the Romans, to see if we can recognize these nowadays. And we will also talk about what we can do now to help build the civilization of our next life.

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