International public lectures in The Hague!

From January until May 2016 on every second Sunday of the month a series of public lectures (admission free) in English will be started in the Blavatsky House in The Hague, The Netherlands. The lectures are recorded on video and will be published exactly one week later on this website to be viewed for free.

Start lectures: 14:00 hours in the Blavatskyhouse, De Ruyterstraat 74, Den Haag.  (13:30 doors open)

International public lectures 

Since 1975 the Theosophical Society Point Loma organizes on weekly basis lectures on current topics approached from the Universal Wisdom, also called Theosophia. This Theosophia is the common source of wisdom for all the Teachers of Mankind, like Plato, Pythagoras, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna. It was re-introduced into the modern world by H.P. Blavatsky, who started her public work in 1875. Theosophia is by no means a dogmatic belief system which should be accepted without thorough thinking and research. It is a philosophy of life that encourages independent thinking and gives explanations as to the how (science), why (philosophy) and the what (religion) of life.

On Sunday January 10th 2016, a new series of five English lectures (every 2nd Sunday) will start in which you will be given an insight into the key thoughts of this Universal Wisdom. We invite everyone to test the logic and inspirational value of the Theosophia by himself, and especially its practical value in daily life. To show this value, we will apply the theosophical key concepts in each lecture directly to the big questions that humanity faces nowadays, such as religious intolerance, the problem of wealth and poverty, the lack of a real purpose in our lives, and the lack of understanding of the ethical codes of humanity, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

January 10: The Riddle of Life and the Seven Jewels of Wisdom

To build your philosophy of life to find answers on all life’s questions

February 14: Reincarnation and Karma

Wisdom to solve the problem of poverty ánd wealth

March 13: Growth of humanity

Wisdom to solve the problem of global ‘growing pains’

April 10: Compassion and responsibility

Standing beyond matter, yet in the midst of society

May 8: The esoteric origin of human rights

The inner power to change the world

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