I.S.I.S. Symposium May 30 & 31 2015: Rāja-Yoga Education of the Reincarnating Child

Symposium 2015

The problems that many people struggle with can often be traced back to the fact that people have never been taught to get acquainted with their own nature and to master it.
World problems as well – violence, war and poverty – always carry back to people’s unbalanced consciousness. Because of a lack of vision concerning life and death, people never seriously start looking for solutions. They think the world is the way it is and shall never get any better. In fact they have never learned to develop another view.

A right education enables people to develop a broader view. The importance of education is therefore essential. However, what is right education?
At the I.S.I.S. Symposium an answer to that question will be searched for during two days.  Starting point for this search will be an ancient education system called Rāja-Yoga. This system is based on the fact that all abilities and capacities are already inherent in humans. They have not or not yet completely been developed — or rather rolled out. So we should not ‘teach’ children too much, but enable them to activate what is already there, although still dormant.

The symposium takes place May 30 and 31 2015 in The Hague, The Netherlands and will be broadcast live on internet.

For more information, visit our symposium website: http://www.isis-foundation.org/symposium/. Videos of former symposia can be watched here as well.

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