First digital English edition of magazine Lucifer, the Light-bringer

First English edition Lucifer

We would like to present to you our first digital edition of the magazine Lucifer, the Light-bringer in English.

In 1979 some members of the Dutch section of The Theosophical Society Point Loma Blavatskyhouse took the initiative to start a theosophical magazine. We did not want to write about ‘technical’ Theosophy. Primarily, we wanted to show the practical value of Theosophy.

The Dutch Lucifer has been in print for thirty-four years now. We have published articles about almost every aspect of society. The range of subjects varies from social problems, to drugs and medicine, to scientific issues like climate change and evolution. Sometimes we have also tried to explain less understood aspects of Theosophy.

Lucifer in English

In the last few years a better communication and understanding has arisen between all kinds of theosophists and theosophical organizations in different countries. We were happy to be able to participate in international congresses. Often we were asked about our vision on many issues and about our working methods. We had already published articles in our Dutch Lucifer about many of those ideas.

So it was natural for us to start to make an English written Lucifer, in a language that is not only understood in English speaking countries, but all over the world.

So here we present our first digital edition of Lucifer, the Light-bringer in English. It contains articles about Râja and Hatha Yoga, Emanation, Addiction and attachments, the Bodhisattva vow, Organ donation and — to get to know us better — we have also published an article about the Point Loma tradition in this issue.

We present the digital version of Lucifer for free. We will publish this magazine a couple of times per year. Are you interested to receive following editions of Lucifer, please subscribe for free by sending an e-mail to lucifer.red[at]isis-foundation.org*.
*) Replace [at] with @.

On behalf of the editors and all co-workers we hope you will enjoy reading Lucifer.

Posted by blavatskyhouse on 09/03/13 at 06:15 PM in Magazine
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