Evolving gods, men and animals - Theosophy Talk Sunday May 14th

THE HAGUE, Blavatskyhouse, De Ruijterstraat 74

International public lectures

On Sunday May 14th, the last talk of our series of eight English Theosophy Talks will start at 14:00 (doors open at 13:30) in the Blavatsky House in The Hague.

We human beings learn, grow through study, reflection and experiences. Growth means that the power and potential that are innate in our consciousness, are brought from within outwards. Another word for this is: evolution.

Is it true that all beings evolve? It’s easy to identify that higher developed animals like mammals and birds learn, because their consciousness is similar to ours. But do lower developed animals, plants and protozoans develop as well? And the mineral and atomic beings? If so, to where leads their evolution? And does the growth stop with the human kingdom?

No, there are boundless opportunities. There are also beings that are as far ahead in evolution compared to human beings that we are further evolved than the animals. These beings we can call gods. Do they evolve as well? Is there an interrelation between the evolution of animals, men and gods?  Do they all evolve independently?
No, the omnipresent uniformity in the cosmos causes that all beings, far or less far evolved, come all from the same Source. Unity is therefore the foundation of all evolving gods, men and animals.

This thought we will develop in this lecture. What relationship do we have with the lower beings, and with the gods? More understanding about this, makes us deal very differently with our fellow beings.

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