The Theosophical Society Point Loma - Blavatskyhouse organizes international activities such as:

The Sunday Public lectures at the Blavatskyhouse in The Hague, The Netherlands,
the annual Symposium in The Hague, The Netherlands,
the annual International Theosophy Conferences (ITC) (co-organization).

New season of Theosophy Talks!

From September 2017 till May 2018 we organise Theosophy Talks, with titles as:
- Karma and the rise and fall of civilizations
- The spiritual function of art and design
- How we follow in the footsteps of the Buddha

View the complete program.

Theosophy Talks are organised monthly in the Blavatskyhouse in The Hague (every 2nd Sunday of the month).

During the symposium and the talks you can meet our coworkers and obtain all information about our courses Thinking Differently and Life Wisdom, about coming talks or discuss any theosophical subject with our speakers.

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Symposium September 9, 2017: The meaning of life

The fact that our society needs a clear vision of life is obvious. The multitude of often contradictory opinions and ideas that we are daily confronted with by the media, clearly shows that there is no generally accepted vision that can serve as a guiding principle for our lives.

That is why we will start the new season with an interactive symposium about meaningfulness and wisdom. These two concepts will not be treated as dry, theoretical doctrines. On the contrary, they will be presented as practical ideas. In all their simplicity, they must be able to inspire us to develop a philosophy of life that can serve as a compass for a meaningful life, both for ourselves and for our fellow human beings.

In the lectures and workshops we will investigate together whether this philosophy of life can indeed be recognized in life and what the practical consequences are. How does this philosophy of life, for example, changes our view on the issue of “a completed life”?

Register now!

More information on our symposium website.

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Evolving gods, men and animals - Theosophy Talk Sunday May 14th

THE HAGUE, Blavatskyhouse, De Ruijterstraat 74

International public lectures

On Sunday May 14th, the last talk of our series of eight English Theosophy Talks will start at 14:00 (doors open at 13:30) in the Blavatsky House in The Hague.

We human beings learn, grow through study, reflection and experiences. Growth means that the power and potential that are innate in our consciousness, are brought from within outwards. Another word for this is: evolution.

Is it true that all beings evolve? It’s easy to identify that higher developed animals like mammals and birds learn, because their consciousness is similar to ours. But do lower developed animals, plants and protozoans develop as well? And the mineral and atomic beings? If so, to where leads their evolution? And does the growth stop with the human kingdom?

No, there are boundless opportunities. There are also beings that are as far ahead in evolution compared to human beings that we are further evolved than the animals. These beings we can call gods. Do they evolve as well? Is there an interrelation between the evolution of animals, men and gods?  Do they all evolve independently?
No, the omnipresent uniformity in the cosmos causes that all beings, far or less far evolved, come all from the same Source. Unity is therefore the foundation of all evolving gods, men and animals.

This thought we will develop in this lecture. What relationship do we have with the lower beings, and with the gods? More understanding about this, makes us deal very differently with our fellow beings.

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Plato: founder of a Mystery School - Theosophy Talk Sunday April 9

His significance for our present day and age

THE HAGUE, Blavatskyhouse, De Ruijterstraat 74

International public lectures

On Sunday April 9th, the sixth talk of our series of eight English Theosophy Talks will start at 14:00 (doors open at 13:30) in the Blavatsky House in The Hague.

Plato is still one of the most famous and widely read philosophers. He was not afraid to deal with the big questions of life. In his dialogues the quest for the Beautiful, the True and the Good is central.

Now, two-and-a-half millennium later, this quest is for many still unsolved. Many people are stuck in the bustle of everyday life and are ruled by the outer phenomena of this world. Depression is becoming more common despite the “progress of modern society.” Some people have even become cynical concerning the possibility whether we can even find answers to life’s questions at all. Can Truth be found? Does universal goodness or justice exist? Is there an origin and destiny for man?

Nowadays we are still struggling with the questions posed by Plato. However, his answers remained hidden to a large extent. Plato’s dialogues are full of metaphors, myths and mysticism. Not without reason, because Plato, initiated into the Mysteries of ancient Greece, was bound to secrecy. Behind the walls of his Academy, he entrusted only his intimate disciples the teachings of the Mystery Schools. Teachings that could provide a complete answer to life’s questions.

From 1875 much more of this knowledge is made publicly. It enables us to examine Plato’s message again, learn to understand it and its significance for our time. His teaching offers insight on current issues from politics to education, from love to justice, from knowledge to virtue.

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Annual conferences


Annually, we organize symposia around a central theme.

More information about our latest Symposium can be found on the following website: http://www.isis-foundation.org/symposium/.

International Theosophy Conferences (ITC)

The object of ITC is to promote and support gatherings of Theosophy students from different countries and organizations, and to create a forum for sharing powerful Theosophical ideas together with cutting-edge scientific, religious and philosophical concepts. ITC welcomes all who have dedicated their lives to Theosophy to contribute and work together in a spirit of harmony, with respect for one anothers background. More about ITC here http://www.theosophyconferences.org/

Video recordings

Since 2010, lectures of the conferences have been recorded. Click on the links below to watch the video recordings of:
Public lectures
International Theosophy Conferences (ITC)
Point Loma Theosophy Network