The Theosophical Society Point Loma - Blavatskyhouse organizes international activities such as:

The Sunday Public lectures at the Blavatskyhouse in The Hague, The Netherlands,
the annual Symposium in The Hague, The Netherlands,
the annual International Theosophy Conferences (ITC) (co-organization).

Karma: the key to take destiny into your own hands - Symposium I.S.I.S. Foundation

Your influence on every aspect of life:
from disease to natural disasters
from health to world peace

On Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of May 2011 the I.S.I.S. Foundation organized an inspiring two-day symposium – Karma: the key to take destiny into your own hands.

Further information can be found on the special Symposium website:

Flyer Symposium 2011

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Making Theosophy a living power - International Theosophical Conference 2010 - The Hague

From the 12th to the 15th of August 2010 the International Theosophical Conference (ITC) of 2010 took place in The Hague, The Netherlands. The theme was “making Theosophy a living power”. Further information can be found on the special ITC 2010 website: www.inttheosconf2010.org.

Flyer ITC 2010

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Presentation ‘Elementals And The Aspects Of Our Thinking’ at the Blavatsky Studies

In May 2009 the annual Blavatsky Studies in Athens took place, organized by the United Lodge of Theosophists (ULT). The subject of the Blavatsky Studies was “Psychic Phenomena” and the Theosophical Society Point Loma - The Hague participated with three lectures. The outline of the lecture ‘Elementals And The Aspects Of Our Thinking’ presented by Joop Smits can be viewed below.

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Blavatsky Studies 2009 in Athens

For the second consecutive year the United Lodge of Theosophists (ULT) organizes the Blavatsky Studies in Athens. The subject will be “Psychic Phenomena”. The meeting will be held on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, 2009 in the Esperia Palace Hotel in Athens between 10 am and 6 pm. The Theosophical Society Point Loma - The Hague is also participating this year with three lectures.
The Blavatsky Studies is a Study-group focused on H.P. Blavatsky’s writings, as described on the ULT Athens website:

Our intention is to discuss Theosophical issues, mainly the fundamental concepts while questions and answers will contribute to their better understanding. During the meetings one single topic will be dealt with and all its facets explored, in such a way as to achieve the depth and the seriousness required.
The issues will reflect the teaching of H. P. Blavatsky’s and her Masters’ writings as well as those of the posterior Theosophists who succeeded to safeguard this line. The study admits references to the ancient Scriptures but students must be certain of the Theosophical interpretation of the reference quoted.
Theosophy given by H. P. Blavatsky’s writings is the renewal of the Perennial Wisdom which we, the students, have the responsibility to keep on its originality and the duty to pass it unaltered on to others.
We all are students of Theosophy and some who are students-teachers have to support the study for bringing it to deeper understanding. Theosophy being “the everlasting truth”, is the basis of education, science, art and culture for the present and for the days to come.
As H.P.B says in her book, “The Key to Theosophy is dedicated to all the pupils that they may learn and teach in their turn”. And her work was “To encourage the study of Theosophy and to disseminate its knowledge to the whole world”.

We welcome old and new Theosophists from all over the world as well as new researchers.

Click here for more information on the website of the ULT in Athens.

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Annual conferences


Annually, we organize symposia around a central theme.

More information about our latest Symposium can be found on the following website: http://www.isis-foundation.org/symposium/.

International Theosophy Conferences (ITC)

The object of ITC is to promote and support gatherings of Theosophy students from different countries and organizations, and to create a forum for sharing powerful Theosophical ideas together with cutting-edge scientific, religious and philosophical concepts. ITC welcomes all who have dedicated their lives to Theosophy to contribute and work together in a spirit of harmony, with respect for one anothers background. More about ITC here http://www.theosophyconferences.org/

Video recordings

Since 2010, lectures of the conferences have been recorded. Click on the links below to watch the video recordings of:
Public lectures
International Theosophy Conferences (ITC)
Point Loma Theosophy Network